Since my early youth, I have always wanted to work with animals. .

There for I was for a long time a voluntary worker at the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals of Montluçon (03). Then I studied to be a Veterinary secretary. graduated in 1983. In 1984,  I started a grooming course and after passing with possitive results started my own Grooming Salon. 

In this period I bought my first dog, a poodle, named Vickxy. Vickxy's wonderful personality motivated me to start showing and breeding on a small scale. I applied for a kennel name and in 1986, my first litter of "du royaume de la bichonnerie" was born.



Then I bought a standard white poodle and a black one.

Bohême des mésanges de Saint Vallier de Thiey was my first Champion. My husband-to-be, had a female Afghan Greyhound, who raced.

He made me share his hobby. We had many good results in racing for the Greyhounds, more than 10 Champion Titles in Racing on three generations.

We also produced some show subjects, by marrying with some dogs from American Backgrounds.

Jasmine lady du royaume de la bichonnerie                      El Hadjira Géronimo            CH  Fangio du royaume de la 









My passion for tall Poodles led me to Germany and the United States , where I bought tall grey and apricot poodles, who won a lot of shows and became champions


                                               Shangri la Peach dite Madison                               Silver Cowboy von Shangri-la

                                                                             CH Nikita Silver du royaume de la Bichonnerie


In 1996, we discovered by chance the race of the Japanese Spaniel, thanks to the female Makura who adopted us before we adopted her.

She had decided to stay with us forever and not only for a few days, like it was planned. We found her so funny with her big eyes that we nicknamed her E.T.


She didn’t like shows much but still had a Very Promising and a CACS best of race. She preferred to stay home on the couch. We made her have a litter and she gave birth to the France Champion Pokhara Chan du Royaume de la Bichonnerie.

Since then, we try to produce beautiful and kind Japanese Spaniels. We have a very limited production. All our dogs are in the house and live in total freedom and are complete part of the family.

 For health reasons, we have decided in 2006 to stop producing Afghan Greyhounds. We keep all our dogs, but they won’t reproduce anymore.

We have a great affection for tall poodles. We actually only have Dior , who is the best friend of the Japanese chins.

Feel free to contact us, for all information, concerning the fabulous race of Japanese Spaniels and we thank you for visiting our website.